Create your own full-service French café

How to create your own full-service French café at home

Years ago, the only way to enjoy a perfectly-prepared coffee or espresso drink with a barista's signature flourish was to go to a fine café or restaurant. Today, it's easier than ever to replicate the hallmarks of a café in your own kitchen. We've rounded up all the quintessential elements you'll need to create the ultimate experience without ever leaving home.


There's no need to invest in multiple kitchen gadgets and undergo barista training to make a world-class coffee or espresso drink at home, as the L'OR BARISTA system brings all those expert touches to your countertop in one sleek appliance. Capable of preparing six different beverage sizes, all crowned with a rich, golden crema, this sophisticated system heats up in 25 seconds, applies high-pressure brewing, and provides a French café experience at home. 


Coffee & Espresso Capsules

Having all the perks of a café in your kitchen means you can enjoy a wide range of café drinks, from a simple cup of light roast coffee to a complex espresso beverage. Stock up on L'OR coffee and espresso variety packs in your favorite roasts, flavor profiles, and intensity levels, and pair them with your milk of choice or even learn how to make a café-perfect macchiato or cappuccino like a pro.

L'OR Coffee & Espresso Capsules

Milk Frother

If you want to achieve the perfect layer of foam on top of your daily latte or cappuccino, you'll need a milk frother to generate just the right amount of aeration. Choose from three basic types: an electric milk frother has a kettle and base that does all the work itself, while a handheld frother offers more flexibility and takes up less space. Or for a classic, low-tech approach, a manual frother is a small, simple vessel, usually made of stainless steel or glass, with a hand-pumped lever to create foam just like a barista.

Glass Coffee Cups

An overlooked facet of fine coffee and espresso is its visual element: to engage all the senses as you sip, take a beat to consider the rich color of the beverage itself and the velvety texture of the crema on top. Bring those visuals front and center with a set of L'OR glass coffee cups, acknowledging that you're not serving the usual cup of drip coffee, but rather, a finely-crafted café beverage worthy of admiration. 

Glass mugs and cups

Coasters or Trivets

To protect tabletop surfaces and keep hot beverages from losing heat too quickly, introduce a set of coasters or trivets in a material and color you enjoy. From classic cork or fabric coasters to metal, tile, or wooden trivets, choose something that suits your taste, complements your decor, and subtly elevates your daily in-home café service.

Coasters for your coffee beverages

Capsule Storage

Displaying your L'OR capsules in a simple glass or acrylic container is ideal for both keeping your kitchen organized and reminding you when it's time to replenish your supply. Or, if you prefer an even sleeker presentation, consider keeping them in opaque countertop storage containers with or without a discreet label.

Container for coffee capsules

Reusable Straws

If you're one of the millions of people who enjoy iced coffee and espresso beverages on a regular basis, you can reduce waste and add a touch of elegance by investing in a set of stainless steel straws. They're reusable and responsible, not to mention on-trend and dishwasher safe. To extend your impact even further, try the L'OR Recycling Program, which offers free, prepaid mailers so you can return up to 200 used capsules at a time for appropriate recycling and coffee composting.

Reusable Straws


To fully enjoy an idyllic French café experience in your own home, consider the sleek sophistication of the L'OR BARISTA system.