Irresistible Coffee
for Summer Moments

Make it an unforgettable summer with cafe-quality coffee brewed with the L'OR BARISTA System. Enjoy it hot or iced.

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L'OR Coffee – A Masterpiece in Taste

L'OR was born in France with the ambition to offer the finest selection of coffees and coffee machines. Using our finest arabica and robusta beans, perfectly roasted and balanced in France, each L'OR coffee and espresso blend is created by a team of passionate Coffee Artists to be a gold standard of single-serve coffee. 

The L’OR BARISTA System is a high-pressure brewing system that extracts the layers of flavor and aroma in each blend to create café quality coffee and espresso with velvety-smooth crema atop every cup, for a uniquely engaging coffee experience right at home.

The L'OR BARISTA System is compatible with L'OR single-serve coffee and espresso capsules, Peet's Coffee® single-serve capsules exclusively made for L'OR, and *Nespresso Original machine capsules. L'OR is not affiliated with the *Nespresso® brand.