Our History

L'OR was born in France with the ambition to offer the finest selection of coffees to coffee lovers around the world. Each L'OR blend is created by a team of passionate Coffee Artists to deliver layers of flavor and aroma that touch all the senses for a uniquely engaging coffee experience.

Although L'OR is now enjoyed in homes around the world, we've never lost our French roots. For us, it means a commitment to quality and attention to detail in everything we do, as well as an appreciation for moments where it’s just you and pure coffee bliss.

Our Brand

Coffee is more than the morning. Its aroma awakens the senses, and its flavor fires up the mind. We believe every sip should be sensational. An elegant balance of bitter, sweet, rich, and robust. The perfect blend of French craft and the best beans in the world.

With L’OR, every cup is spéciale.

Our Coffee Artists

Every capsule of L’OR is curated by French Coffee Artists to be a gold standard of single-serve coffee. Using the finest arabica and robusta beans, perfectly roasted and balanced, to create a smooth, rich experience. L’OR Coffee Artists draw from a palette of 850 flavors and aromas to artfully create each coffee blend.

Watch this brief video of L’OR Coffee Artists in their element discussing their craft.