L'OR capsule being placed in recycling bag by customer at home

World-class sustainability efforts worth feeling good about.

In a world of constant change, it can be difficult to know the true impact of each decision we make as consumers, no matter how hard we try. To make it easier, L'OR prioritizes sustainability and transparency at every turn, from unparalleled sourcing standards to a convenient recycling program that prevents waste, encouraging good global citizenship along the way.

L'OR Recycling Kit

Recyclable Aluminum Capsules

Every L'OR coffee and espresso capsule is made of infinitely recyclable aluminum, meaning it never has to reach a landfill and can instead be recycled time and time again. Not only does this material have a gentle impact on the environment; it also locks in the flavor and aroma of each blend it encapsulates, delivering a fresh, perfect cup of coffee or espresso. In other words, we choose our packaging materials with respect for people and the planet alike.

When you place an order with L'OR, you can add a free recycling kit to your purchase, making it easy to gather and return your used capsules. To avoid shipping charges for your free recycling kit, we recommend adding it onto your next coffee or espresso order. The kit includes a lightweight packet with a postage-paid UPS label; once you've gathered about 200 empty capsules, simply enclose them in the packet, seal it, and drop it at your nearest UPS drop box or collection center. Through our trusted partnership with g2 revolution®, this mail-back program is available throughout the contiguous 48 states. When g2 receives your capsules, they ensure all contents are properly recycled.

Commitment to Sustainability

L'OR's sustainability efforts are multifaceted and robust, beginning right at the source. Our coffee grows exclusively on farms certified by The Rainforest Alliance, which helps farmers adapt to climate impacts and build sustainable livelihoods while supporting companies to achieve their decarbonization goals. We work with them as an extension of our passion for protecting the future of coffee and those who grow it.

Coffee Fields

Good for You, Good for the Planet

The more diverse the world of coffee is, the better it is for farmers and the earth itself. Knowing this, we also work closely with World Coffee Research, an organization whose goal is to unite the coffee industry to drive science-based agricultural solutions to urgently secure a diverse and sustainable supply of quality coffee today and for generations to come. As climate change poses direct challenges to coffee farmers around the world, this consortium seeks solutions to ensure the long-term stability of the global coffee trade without compromising ecological integrity. Our shared interest in protecting and promoting a diverse landscape of coffee drives us to work together toward a sustainable and satisfying future.

So, the next time you prepare a cup of L'OR coffee or espresso, you can do so knowing that its contents are sustainably and ethically sourced, its packaging is easily recycled by specialists at no added expense to you, and your enjoyment is our priority at no cost to the planet we inhabit. All it takes is a simple click to initiate your part.

Add a free recycling kit to your next L'OR order.