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L'OR Barista System
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L'OR BARISTA Coffee & Espresso System
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Create your own masterpiece in taste.

Craft your favorite café beverages the L'OR BARISTA system and a variety of L’OR single-serve coffee and espresso capsules, masterfully curated by L’OR Coffee Artists.

L'OR BARISTA System with coffee glassware

Quality Design

A sophisticated design brings to life the elegant simplicity of the L'OR BARISTA System, featuring a sleek matte finish with premium metal and gold detailing.


High Pressure

High pressure extracts rich flavor from the coffee beans, creating full-bodied, professional-quality coffee and espresso with a silky, perfect crema.

L'OR BARISTA System with coffee glassware

6 Beverage Sizes

Insert a coffee capsule or an espresso capsule and Automatic Capsule Recognition Technology adapts the water volume according to your selected beverage size.

Use coffee capsules for larger coffee servings. Sizes choices are 5oz, 8oz, or 12oz.

Use espresso capsules for smaller servings. Sizes choices are 1.4oz, 2.7oz, or 3.7oz.



A fast heat-up time and large water tank mean you'll never wait long to enjoy a perfectly crafted cup of coffee.

After brewing, capsules descend into the integrated waste bin while you simply enjoy.

L'OR BARISTA System with coffee glassware

Gold Standard

There are two ingredients for a perfect at-home French café experience: our unique high-pressure L'OR BARISTA system, and a rich variety of beautifully balanced, artfully roasted L’OR coffee and espresso capsules.

French for gold, L’OR was born in France to be a gold standard of coffee. Inspiring taste locked into aluminum capsules to preserve flavor and aroma until released by the L’OR BARISTA system.

In the moments when we connect, contemplate and create, make every sip sensational.

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One Machine - Two Capsule Sizes for Coffee & Espresso - L'OR BARISTA System


The L'OR BARISTA System is compatible with L'OR single-serve coffee and espresso capsules, Peet's Coffee® single-serve capsules exclusively made for L'OR, and *Nespresso Original machine capsules. L'OR is not affiliated with the *Nespresso® brand.