Suggested Milk Pairings for L’OR Coffee and Espresso Blends

Milk Pairings for L'OR Coffee & Espresso

Few things are better than the perfect cup of coffee or espresso. While some drink it black without any accompaniments, others default to certain preferences, whether it's a particular type of milk, sugar, or sweetener. To bring out the best in any pairing, we've put together some suggestions for L'OR coffee and espresso blends with the milks and milk alternatives that suit them best.

Dairy Milk Pairings

Dairy milk has long been a staple for coffee and espresso lovers who want a creamier, more rounded mouthfeel in their daily cup. For those who enjoy L'OR capsules, skim or 1 percent milk pairs well with the subtle fruit and chocolate notes of the Bonjour coffee blend, while a higher-fat milk or dairy creamer strikes a beautiful balance with the sweet, buttery notes of the Caramel espresso blend.

Almond and Other Nut Milk Pairings

Almond milk brings a lovely, nutty note to any coffee or espresso it's paired with. In particular, it goes well with the delicate, toasty chocolate notes in L'OR's Chateau coffee blend, as well as the elegantly nutty profile of the Profondo Lungo espresso blend.

Dairy, nut, oat, and coconut milk pairings with coffee and espresso.

Oat Milk Pairings

Oat milk imparts a mellow creaminess with little to no discernible flavor to counterbalance a coffee or espresso's flavor profile, which heightens its probability of pairing perfectly with the coffee or espresso of your choice. If you're unsure where to start with L'OR's offerings, consider a medium-intensity blend like a savory Colombia espresso or Provocateur coffee as a jumping-off point.

Soy Milk Pairings

Long beloved as a dairy-free milk alternative, classic soy milk has a rich, full mouthfeel and earthy flavor profile that pairs nicely with the richness of L'OR's Vanilla coffee blend or Estremo Lungo espresso, which also has a touch of vanilla amid its complex fruity and smoky notes. Both stand up well to a creamy soy-based accompaniment.

Coconut Milk Pairings

For a truly luxurious cup of coffee or espresso, consider pairing coconut milk with one of L'OR's highest-intensity selections, like the Onyx blend or our Chocolate espresso, elevating the experience to dessert-level bliss.

Whatever milk or milk alternative you prefer, L'OR offers the perfect coffee or espresso to make your day. If you're unsure where to begin, try a coffee and espresso combo pack to discover your favorite pairing.