Chocolate Espresso

Subtle, Round
Dark, Sweet

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Available in 10 or 30 Aluminum Capsules


Its full and round profile makes it a delight from the first aroma encounter, with touches of light sweetness and almost no bitterness. With every sip, and as the espresso moves through the mouth, the chocolate flavor grows, with a burst of exquisite chocolate in the aftertaste.


A flavor blend that evokes the midday moment in a Parisian brasserie. The lightness of movement but perfectly pronounced. Dark chocolate notes with light sweetness.

  • Round
  • Subtle
  • Dark chocolate


  • Compatible with the L'OR BARISTA System and *Nespresso Original machines. L'OR is not affiliated with the *Nespresso® brand.

Craft your favorite café beverages with L’OR single-serve espresso capsules, masterfully blended and curated by L’OR Coffee Artists.

    The Ultimate Brewing Experience

    L'OR BARISTA system

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    An all-in-one system designed for that moment of pure coffee pleasure, without complexity.

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