Caramel Espresso

Subtle, Balanced
Luscious, Velvety

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Available in 10 or 30 Aluminum Capsules


Our Coffee Artists have blended perfectly roasted coffee beans with delicate, dark caramel flavor for delicious balance and light sweetness. A taste reminiscent of buttery caramel, with layers of indulgent flavor. Evoking shades of toasted amber in the mind with every sip. 


Imagine the flavor of a caramel-filled biscuit, dipped into an intense espresso. Melting through the dark liquid to infuse a soft and subtle flavor. Deliciously balanced, dark caramel.

  • Velvety
  • Luscious
  • Subtle caramel


  • Compatible with the L'OR BARISTA System and *Nespresso Original machines. L'OR is not affiliated with the *Nespresso® brand.

Craft your favorite café beverages with L’OR single-serve espresso capsules, masterfully blended and curated by L’OR Coffee Artists.

    The Ultimate Brewing Experience

    L'OR BARISTA system

    Coffee & Espresso Brewer


    An all-in-one system designed for that moment of pure coffee pleasure, without complexity.

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