L'OR Espresso Macchiato
  1. Use your L'OR BARISTA system to prepare a serving of espresso (or two, for a double)
  2. Use your L'OR Milk Frother or whisk to whip your warm or cool milk into foam.
  3. Gently add a foam dollop (or several, if you'd like) to the top of your espresso, and tada! You've made a macchiato.

The word "macchiato" is Italian for "marked" or "stained;" it's an apt name for the drink, which is traditionally served as a shot of espresso marked or lightened by a simple dollop of milk foam on top. Modern interpretations add more foam to yield a 1:1 ratio, but however you prefer your drink, it's simple to prepare using the L'OR BARISTA System, L'OR Milk Frother, and L'OR espresso.

For an iced macchiato, the same instructions apply, but again, you'll want to let your espresso cool down a bit before pouring over ice and topping off with cool milk foam for a cold, bold treat. 


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