How to Make an Iced Coffee at Home

Once seen primarily as a summertime treat, iced coffee has, for many, become a year-round essential. Its bracing temperature, familiar flavor, and clinking of cubes is a comforting combination enjoyed daily by millions of people, and it's as versatile a drink as any other.

With a L'OR BARISTA Coffee and Espresso System at home, making an iced coffee is an almost effortless four-step process. What's even better is that there are endless ways to customize your cafe-quality drink of choice and enjoy the exact beverage you prefer. 

How to Make an Iced Coffee at Home

How to Make an Iced Coffee in 4 Steps

1. Fill a glass with ice

For best results, fill your glass with larger ice cubes to withstand the heat of the coffee as it pours down, decreasing in temperature as it cascades. Place the ice-filled glass in the center of the tray underneath the spouts.

2. Place your capsule in the machine

Select your L'OR coffee capsule of choice, whether it's a straightforward dark roast, a vanilla-flavored coffee, or a rich, sweet decaf for an afternoon pick-me-up. Place it in the capsule compartment and close the lever to lock it in.

3. Choose your size

Atop the L'OR BARISTA system are a power button and three pour buttons: small, medium, and large. Just press the button for the type of pour you'd prefer—the medium (center) button is generally ideal for an iced coffee—and let the system work its magic. This process takes fewer than 30 seconds, resulting in a perfect serving.

4. Add milk and toppings

As soon as the system serves your coffee, add the cold milk or milk alternative of your choice and fill your glass to the level you desire. Doing this quickly will further cool the liquid and keep the ice intact. If you'd prefer, top it off with a dollop of whipped cream, milk foam, caramel, or any other topping you wish, and enjoy.

L'OR Coffee Recipes

L'OR BARISTA Iced Coffee Recipes

Whatever custom beverage you might be craving, it's entirely possible to make it in the comfort of your own home with minimal effort. If you want something a bit more gourmand than a simple iced coffee, the L'OR BARISTA system has you covered; all you need are a few key ingredients and a straightforward set of instructions.

For inspiration, consider these Tiramisu Iced Coffee or Caramel Iced Coffee recipes, both of which can be made with your milk, cream, or dairy alternative of choice, or peruse L'OR's blog for a broad array of recipe ideas.

Enjoy café-quality beverages at home with the L'OR BARISTA Coffee and Espresso System and your favorite coffee and espresso capsules.