How to Make an Iced Coffee at Home

Once seen primarily as a summertime treat, iced coffee has, for many, become a year-round essential. Its bracing temperature, familiar flavor, and clinking of cubes is a comforting combination enjoyed daily by millions of people, and it's as versatile a drink as any other.

With the L'OR BARISTA Coffee and Espresso system, making an iced coffee is an effortless three-step process. L'OR's diverse range of robust coffee selections give you an endless variety of tastes and flavors to choose from. The L'OR BARISTA System’s high-pressure brewing allows you to make bold café-quality iced coffee with only one capsule.

How to Make an Iced Coffee in 3 Steps

1. Fill a cup with ice

For best results, fill your cup* with larger ice cubes to withstand the heat of the coffee as it pours down, decreasing in temperature as it cascades. Place the ice-filled cup in the center of the tray underneath the spouts.

2. Brew one capsule for bold flavor

L’OR offers a variety of roasts and blends that are bold and rich enough to withstand an over ice brew. Simply insert the capsule and close the lever to lock it in. The high-pressure brewing of the L’OR BARISTA guarantees that every ounce of bold flavor is meticulously extracted for a bold café taste.

Tip: For the boldest and richest iced coffee, we recommend choosing the 5oz setting and brewing directly over ice.

3. Customize your brew

After brewing your coffee, customize it to your liking by incorporating your preferred syrups or milk/milk alternatives and stir to enjoy. You can also take your iced coffee to new heights with the L'OR Milk Frother, by effortlessly adding a layer of cold foam for an unparalleled indulgence.

Tip: Some L’OR Aficionado’s prefer to put their milk/milk alternative and sweeteners in before brewing—find what works best for you!

L'OR Coffee Recipes

L'OR BARISTA Iced Coffee Recipes

Want to go beyond your classic iced coffee? Consider these Tiramisu Iced Coffee or Caramel Iced Coffee recipes, both of which can be made with milk, cream, or dairy alternative of choice, or peruse L'OR's blog for a broad array of recipe ideas.

Enjoy café-quality beverages at home with the L'OR BARISTA Coffee and Espresso System and your favorite coffee and espresso capsules.


*If brewing directly over ice, do not use a glass cup.