Blueberry Hazelnut Iced Coffee Recipe
  1. Add the blueberries, water, and sugar to a pan. Simmer over medium heat and mash until the simple syrup is purple and slightly thickened. Set aside.
  2. Use the L’OR BARISTA system to Brew 1 L’OR Bonjour Blend Coffee capsule on the medium setting.
  3. Pour the blueberry mixture into a large glass with ice and add the hazelnut syrup.
  4. Then, pour the milk into the large glass and top with the L’OR Bonjour Blend coffee.
  5. Stir and enjoy!

Nothing says summer like fresh berries. We’ve created your new favorite iced coffee recipe. Blueberry Hazelnut Iced Coffee made with the L’OR BARISTA system and light roast Bonjour Blend Coffee capsule. This delicious beverage is sure to quench your thirst even on the hottest of days. Fresh, fruity notes from the Bonjour Blend and light nuttiness from hazelnut syrup, combine with fresh blueberries for the perfect balance of sweetness.

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