Lavender Vanilla Almond Iced Coffee Recipe
  1. Fill a large glass with ice and drizzle over the lavender vanilla syrup.
  2. Using the L'OR Barista system, brew Peet's Berkeley Roast coffee on the large setting, directly over the ice.
  3. Add almond milk to taste and enjoy!

Enjoy your Peet’s coffee now with a kiss of crema, with Peet’s coffee capsules, exclusively compatible with the L’OR BARISTA system.

Looking for an iced coffee recipe to reach for this summer? The roasted nutty notes of the Peet’s Berkeley Roast pair perfectly with the sweetness of the lavender vanilla syrup to give you the perfect, balanced iced beverage. Add a splash of almond milk, or dairy of your choice, and you’ve got your new summer go-to.

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