Eggnog Swirl Coffee Recipe
  1. Pour the eggnog into the L’OR Milk Frother and tap the power button once to froth. Note: You can also use a hand frother to froth the eggnog.
  2. Using the L'OR BARISTA System, press the medium setting to brew 8 oz of decaf coffee into a large mug.
  3. Pour the creamy eggnog foam over the top of the coffee.
  4. Stir and enjoy!

Looking to get into the holiday spirit? Have a cup of cheer, and in this case, we mean a delicious Eggnog Swirl Coffee, made using the L’OR BARISTA System, L’OR Milk Frother and L’OR Decaf Coffee. If you are looking for a caffeinated alternative, we offer a variety of coffee capsules ranging in roast and flavor to choose from for this recipe.

Try out this coffee recipe for yourself or for your guests at your next holiday gathering.