L'OR-tini Recipe
  1. Brew 1 L’OR Profundo Lungo espresso capsule on the small setting in the L’OR BARISTA system. Set aside to cool.
  2. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine vodka, espresso, and coffee liqueur.
  3. Shake for about 20 seconds and strain into the glass.
  4. Optional: Garnish with 3 espresso beans

Combine L’OR Profundo Lungo Espresso with your choice of vodka and coffee liqueur, and you’ll have a rich and smooth cocktail that is sure to satisfy all your senses. If you’re looking for a late night indulgence, try this recipe with L’OR Decaf Espresso for a non-caffeinated alternative.

L'OR Porch, Bryant Park, New York, New York

In the New York area? Try the L’OR-tini in person at The L’OR Porch at Bryant Park.