Cafe-Quality Iced Coffee at Home

Discover the secret to delicious, iced coffee with the L’OR BARISTA system. High-pressure brewing unlocks a rich taste and bold flavor for a cafe-quality experience. 

  • Image of Iced Coffee

    One Capsule, Bold Flavor

    It only takes one coffee capsule to brew delicious iced coffee just like your favorite cafe.

  • Image of L'OR BARISTA with iced coffee.

    Brew Over Ice and Go

    Easy to prepare your delicious iced beverages beneath the brewer in your favorite tall cup.

3 Easy Steps to a Cafe-Quality Brew

  • Icon of L'OR BARISTA with cup of ice.

    Step 1

    Fill a large cup* with ice, place on tray to brew.

  • Icon of L'OR BARISTA dispensing coffee into a cup filled with ice.

    Step 2

    Place your favorite L’OR Coffee capsule in the brewer, press the small, 5 oz setting to brew directly over ice for bold flavor.

  • icon of iced coffee drink

    Step 3

    Add any sweeteners or creamers to customize. Grab & go!

*Do not use glassware when brewing directly into ice.

Make It Iced with Any Blend