White Chocolate Coffee
  1. With the L’OR BARISTA system, place a drinking glass onto the tray with the piece of white chocolate on top of the glass.
  2. Place the capsule into the machine and brew a medium, 8oz sized coffee. The coffee will flow into the mug which will gradually melt the white chocolate. Give it a good stir.
  3. Using the L’OR Milk Frother, add 3.9oz of whole milk and froth until creamy.
  4. Pour it on top of the white chocolate coffee and enjoy.

As the seasons change and the air becomes cooler, we've discovered the ultimate coffee to reach for during those cozy fall afternoons. Introducing the ultimate indulgence: White Chocolate Coffee. Elevate your coffee experience with the vibrant, richness of Peet's Midtown Roast coffee capsule. The caramel notes of the Midtown Roast pair perfectly with the creamy, rich white chocolate. Top it off with a luscious froth created by the L'OR Milk Frother, and you’ve got an elevated coffee experience right at home.

White Chocolote Coffee Recipe