Orange Blossom Honey Latte
  1. Pour milk and cream into the L'OR Milk Frother.
  2. Press once for hot frothing, or press 3 times for cold frothing.
  3. Pour honey into a large cup and brew a L’OR Colombia espresso capsule on the medium (2.7oz) setting directly over the honey. Stir to mix.
  4. For a Hot Latte: Pour your hot, frothed milk into the stirred espresso.
  5. For an Iced Latte: Pour your cold, frothed milk over ice. Then pour the espresso over top.
  6. Garnish with orange zest, and enjoy!

Whether you are in the mood to warm up your day or enjoy a refreshing beverage in the afternoon, this orange blossom honey latte can be made hot or iced.  A delightful fusion of citrus, sweetness, and rich, velvety L’OR Colombia espresso.

L’OR Colombia espresso is a smooth and sweet blend with citrus notes that provide a tangy and elegant velvety aftertaste—artfully blended using all the senses, for a deliciously deep taste experience.