Estremo Lungo Espresso

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Dark Forest
Fruit, Vanilla
10 Intensity

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Regular price $5.94
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Available in 10, 50 or 100 Aluminum Capsules


For a tantalizing and stimulating ride. It greets you with notes of sharp, red fruit contrasted with hints of soft vanilla. You can sense its full-bodied, roasted profile, with touches of smokiness. The flavors and aromas touch, open and heighten all the senses. 

For the moments when you feel you need to come alive again. To awaken to the possibilities of the day. 


Evoking the mood of a dark forest as darkness approaches: the smell of the fire, the dampness of the leaves, the thrill of night. 


An exciting blend of sharp, red fruit notes contrasted with hints of soft vanilla. A full-bodied, roasted profile with touches of smokiness. Its flavors move in different directions, full of action and movement.

Sharp red fruits, soft vanilla and smoky touches.

  • Fruity
  • Smoky
  • Complex


  • L'OR BARISTA System
  • Nespresso Original Machines*

*Trademark used is of a third party, not related to JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS

Craft your favorite café beverages with L’OR single-serve espresso capsules, masterfully blended and curated by L’OR Coffee Artists.

    The Ultimate Brewing Experience

    L'OR BARISTA system

    Coffee & Espresso Brewer


    An all-in-one system designed for that moment of pure coffee pleasure, without complexity.

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