L’OR offers a broad range of coffee capsules, compatible with your Nespresso®* Original machine (not compatible with Nespresso®* Vertuo machine). Each blend is created by our Coffee Artists for a different taste experience that engages all the senses. Choose your favorite blend, or explore new blends—from lungo, espresso, ristretto, or decaf espresso.

*Trademark of a third party, not connected to JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS.

Recyclable Capsules

L’OR aluminum coffee capsules are available online in the USA. Each airtight aluminum coffee capsule is specially designed to lock in intense aromatic flavor and to be released when brewed. We choose aluminum for our capsules as it preserves L'OR coffee freshness and is fully recyclable.

L’OR coffee capsule:

  • Is a creation of artfully layered flavors and aromas, preserved fresh by airtight aluminum
  • Has a selection of coffee beans carefully sourced and blended by L'OR Coffee Artists
  • Has a rich crema layer, which brings you a superior coffee experience

Learn more about our recycling program.

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