L’OR Espresso Intensity Levels: A Quick Guide

Espresso Intensity Explained

One of the most fascinating things about coffee is how complex its flavors can be. Much like wine or chocolate, its origins yield a world of possibilities depending on where it’s grown, when it’s harvested, how it's roasted, and the nuances of its production from that moment on.

At L’OR, our definition of intensity reflects a coffee's concentration, degree of roasting, body, and bitterness. We offer a range of intensity levels to suit every palate, and it’s our pleasure to make it both simple and enjoyable to find your favorite blend.

Coffee Intensity vs. Caffeine Level

Contrary to popular belief, coffee’s intensity has nothing to do with its caffeine content. Decaffeinated coffee can impart great depth of flavor, just as a blend high in caffeine can have a mild, almost soothing taste; there’s no real correlation between the way a cup of coffee tastes and the amount of caffeine inside it. Rather, lots of factors inform how rich, mellow, strong, mild, nutty, spicy, fruity, chocolatey, or floral a cup of coffee tastes on its own, from the natural characteristics of each batch of beans to the way it's roasted and prepared.

L'OR Coffee Artist Tasting Session

Once coffee beans are harvested, roasted, ground, and mixed with boiling water, L'OR’s highly skilled Coffee Artists can detect over 800 distinct aromas and flavors in a single cupping session. That’s where the process of both quality assurance and taste profiling takes place, ensuring that each batch of beans is properly assigned to the L’OR blend it fits best.

LOR's Intensity Spectrum

Each L’OR coffee blend is assigned a number corresponding with its intensity level, ranging from 7 (least intense) to 12 (most intense). To help coffee lovers determine their level of choice, L’OR’s variety samplers are a pleasurable way to find the perfect match.

While some blends share the same level of intensity, each has its own distinct flavor profile:

  • Papua New Guinea – floral and fruity, intensity level 7
  • Colombia – complex and tangy, intensity level 8
  • Profondo Lungo – intense and spicy, intensity level 8
  • Forza – bold and roasty, intensity level 9
  • Estremo Lungo – spicy and daring – intensity level 10
  • Ristretto – nutty and complex – intensity level 11
  • Onyx – intense and powerful – intensity level 12

For those who prefer a rich, intense coffee experience, the Intense Blends Assortment offers 50 capsules of four higher-intensity blends: Forza, Estremo Lungo, Ristretto, and Onyx.

For those who prefer a milder, more mellow cup, the Mild Blends Assortment offers 50 capsules of three lower-intensity blends: Papua New Guinea, Profondo Lungo, and Colombia.

For a broader selection across the entire spectrum, the 5 Blend Assortment offers a full array of blends from mild to bold: Colombia, Profondo Lungo, Forza, Ristretto, and Onyx.

These unique blends deliver the ultimate coffee experience in every cup. We hope you enjoy the journey to find your favorite.