Espresso + Chocolate Pairing Guide

What goes better with espresso than chocolate? In this guide, we’ll share which L’OR Espresso blend pairs best with milk, dark, and white chocolate.

Tasting Note

When selecting your espresso and chocolate, keep in mind like goes with like. If you have an espresso with fruity notes, this will pair best with a lighter, sweeter chocolate such as a white chocolate. Alternatively, if you have an espresso with notes of cocoa, this will pair best with a chocolate that’s more cocoa-facing like a dark chocolate.

L’OR Or Absolu + Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate Pairing

The woody coffee notes of L’OR Or Absolu are best paired with a milk chocolate, but we suggest one that’s more bittersweet than semi-sweet. The texture of the coffee is smooth and thick making it a wonderful complement to slightly bitter chocolate. This rich and refined pairing is perfect for a quiet moment of reflection.

L’OR Onyx + Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Pairing

The intensity of L’OR Onyx pairs perfectly with dark chocolate. The spicy smoky notes of the coffee best complement a chocolate with a 60-85% cocoa content. This allows for the bitter cocoa notes to mingle beautifully with the richness of the L’OR blend allowing for a lingering aftertaste and creamy mouthfeel.

L’OR Colombia + White Chocolate

White Chocolate Pairing

Creamy white chocolate pairs wonderfully with the smooth blend of L’OR Colombia. The tangy citrus fruit notes of the espresso help mellow out the sweetness of the white chocolate, while still providing a deliciously deep taste experience. Together, they leave a velvety aftertaste that’s hard to beat.