The L'OR BARISTA System Out-of-the-Box Setup

  • To install the two-piece coffee dispensing spout, first insert the gray piece into the black piece.
  • Attach the assembled spout to the machine by pushing upward until it clicks into place. To remove the spout, press the sides and pull down.
  • Remove the water tank.
  • Rinse and fill the tank with water to maximum level.
  • Place the water tank back onto the system.
  • Place a bowl under the spout. Drip tray can be added if necessary.
  • Press the power button.
  • The system is ready when all buttons light up continuously.
  • Push the large-size button to rinse the system. Do not insert capsule and be sure lever is closed. 
  • Remove bowl and dispose of water. The bowl will be hot, handle with care. 
  • Your L'OR BARISTA System is now ready to use. 

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