L'OR BARISTA Beverage Sizes

The L'OR BARISTA System can make six different beverage sizes giving you the option of making coffee in small, medium, and large or espresso in small, medium, or large.

  • Open the lever and insert a coffee or espresso capsule. 
  • Close the lever.
  • Press the power button. The system is ready when all buttons light up continuously.
  • Place a mug or cup under the spout. Drip tray can be used with smaller cup sizes if necessary. 
  • Press the small, medium, or large button. The system will recognize which type of capsule is inserted and adjust the amount of water dispensed. Coffee capsule beverage sizes are 5oz, 8oz, 12oz. Espresso capsule beverage sizes are 1.4oz, 2.7oz, 3.7oz.
  • Enjoy!

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