Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Refer a Friend Program work?

The L’OR Refer a Friend program is a way for you to give the coffee lovers in your life the gift of L’OR Coffee. If you refer a friend to L'OR, they get a discount on their first order. Once they make a purchase, you'll receive a discount code to use on your next order at To get started, sign up for the program, or sign in to your L'OR account and click the "Referral Dashboard" tab. Share your unique referral link directly or through email, or by texting them the link.

Do I need a L'OR Account to use the Refer a Friend program? 

If you’re the friend being referred to the program, you don’t need an account (but we encourage creating one so you can start referring and earning more discounts). If you would like to refer a friend, you will need to create a L'OR Account to start referring.

Can I refer anybody?

You can only refer those who are new to L'OR (have not yet made a purchase at

Where can I see how many credits I’ve earned?

Once you've started referring, you can view your pending, earned, and redeemed Refer a Friend discount by visiting the Referral Dashboard tab on your L'OR Account page: Be sure to sign to your L'OR Account to reach your dashboard:

Do Refer a Friend discount codes expire?

No, Refer a Friend discount codes never expire! 

Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?

Yes, you can refer up to 10 people.

How do I use my Refer a Friend discount code?

To apply your discount on your order on, at checkout look for the field labeled "Discount code or gift card", enter your code into the field, and click the "apply" button.

Can I use my reward code immediately?

If you’re a new customer being referred, you can use your referral code immediately to receive a discount off your first order. If you are referring a friend you must wait until the person you are referring makes their first purchase. There is a 2-day wait period before your discount code is issued via email. 

Are Refer a Friend discount codes combinable with L'OR discount codes?

Refer a Friend discounts are not combinable with L'OR discount codes. If you add more than one code the better value code will be applied.

Are there any items I cannot apply my Refer a Friend codes to?

Discount codes are not applicable to Bundles or taxes and shipping costs.

Why isn't my Refer a Friend discount code working?

If you are the referrer, double-check your code and make sure no other discount codes are applied to your order. If you are the friend, double check your code and make sure no other discount code is applied to your order. 

When will my friend receive their Refer a Friend code?

Your friend will receive their code within 24 hours of your referral if you choose the email option. If you send them a link they will get their code as soon as they sign up with their email.

Why haven't I received my Refer a Friend discount code?

Once your friend places their first order with your referral code, you will receive your reward code within 2 days.

I didn't get my Refer a Friend discount code, but my friend made a purchase. What happened?

Please contact Customer Experience for assistance at