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Using the L'OR BARISTA for Hot Water

  • Lift and close the lid to eject any capsules. 
  • Ensure the water tank is full.
  • Next, flush the system of any coffee residue. Place a mug under the spouts and press the large size button. Repeat if desired. Dispose of flushed water.
  • Now you're ready to make hot water. Place your mug under the spouts and press the large size button. The machine will dispense 3.4 oz (100mL) of hot water. Repeat this step until you have as much hot water as desired. 

L'OR BARISTA Quick Start Guide

Get brewing with this easy-to-follow video that gets you started making café-quality coffee and espresso beverages with the L'OR BARISTA System.

  • Press the power button.
  • The system is ready when all buttons light up continuously.
  • Place cup under the system. Drip tray can be added for smaller espresso cups.
  • Lift the lever.
  • Insert desired coffee or espresso capsule.
  • Close the lever by pushing it down.
  • Press the small, medium, or large button for the size beverage you desire. Coffee capsule beverage sizes are 5oz, 8oz, 12oz (148mL, 237mL, 355mL). Espresso capsule beverage sizes are 1.4oz, 2.7oz, 3.7oz (41mL, 80mL, 89mL).
  • Enjoy!


Additional Help

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