7 Reasons Why Coffee Lovers are Switching to High-Pressure Brewing

If you’re like most coffee lovers, then you want a bold flavorful cup of coffee to start your morning. At-home options like the classic drip coffee maker or single-serve drip coffee makers don’t give you the bold flavors you love. Of course, you can get a good brew with multi-step brewing methods but they’re too time-consuming and complicated to complement your busy life. 

With so many coffee makers available, it can be tough to know which one to choose. But if you're serious about your coffee, there's one brewing method you don't want to miss out on—high-pressure brewing with the L’OR BARISTA system. These are 7 reasons why coffee lovers are switching to high-pressure brewing.

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1. Enjoy the Strong & Bold Coffee Taste You Love 

With high-pressure brewing, you get a richer, more flavorful cup of coffee. That's because the pressurized water extracts more of the coffee's essential oils and flavors, resulting in a bolder and more complex taste.

The pressure forces the hot water through the coffee grounds at a faster rate, which results in a more intense and flavorful cup of coffee.

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2. Flavorful Crema Tops Every Brew for a Luxurious Sipping Experience 

If you're a fan of espresso, then you know that crema is a crucial component of a good shot. Typically, you only get a thick velvety layer of crema when using an espresso machine but with the L’OR BARISTA system you can get the same velvety crema on your favorite coffee and espresso. Not only does it give you a luxurious sipping experience, but the cremacontains the intense bold flavors you crave in every sip.

Make cafe-quality beverages at home with the L'OR BARISTA system

3. Make Café-Quality Coffee from the Convenience of Your Own Home

Many single-serve home brewing systems don’t extract the bold, rich flavors that you get from your local café. With the L'OR BARISTA system, you can enjoy the convenience of single-serve brewing without sacrificing flavor.

With a fast 25-second heat-up time you can still get your coffee in only a few moments. No waiting in long lines, no complicated brewing processes, just bold coffee in the comfort of your own home.

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    4. Premium Arabica Coffee for a Strong Brew 

    L’OR Coffee goes through a carefully curated journey by expert L’OR Coffee Artists. Coffee beans are chosen from some of the most sought-after growing regions and slow-roasted to perfection to draw out unique flavor profiles. Next the blends are ground and sealed in aluminum capsules to lock in freshness.

    The L’OR BARISTA high-pressure brewing system is the final step in the L’OR coffee journey. The L’OR BARISTA system gives you powerful coffee aromas and the bold flavors you love.

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    5. Premium Coffee Grown by Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms

    Like most coffee lovers you care about the environment and sustainability just as much as having a bold flavorful brew you love. L’OR partners with Rainforest Alliance certified farms to protect forests and improve the livelihoods of farmers and forest communities while promoting their human rights. L’OR and the Rainforest Alliance are helping tackle the climate crisis in bold and effective ways.

    Aluminum Capsules Keep L’OR Coffee Fresh 

    6. Aluminum Capsules Keep L’OR Coffee Fresh 

    When coffee beans are ground, they begin to oxidize which causes coffee to go stale and leads to a lack-luster cup of coffee. That’s why as soon as L’OR coffee is ground, it is immediately sealed in oxygen-free aluminum capsules to prevent oxidation and staleness.

    When you brew L’OR coffee with the L’OR BARISTA system you’ll smell fresh coffee aromas leaving your kitchen smelling like your local café. You'll taste the difference in every sip—fresh, bold coffee you crave.

    Recycling Made Easy with Infinitely Recyclable Aluminum Capsules 

    7. Recycling Made Easy with Infinitely Recyclable Aluminum Capsules 

    L’OR chooses infinitely recyclable aluminum for its capsules and partners with g2 revolution®, who is a leader in creating green recycling solutions to ensure that zero waste hits landfills.

    Simply request a free recycling bag, fill it with your used capsules as you enjoy bold coffee day after day, and when full send it to our recycling partner for composting and recycling.

    To make things easier for customers, the recycling bags already come labeled with a pre-paid UPS label.

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    The L’OR BARISTA system is a single-serve coffee and espresso high-pressure brewing system that brings the tastes of the cafe to the comfort of your own home.
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