A-Z List of Espresso Drinks

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All types of coffee explained.

It seems like every time you open a coffeeshop menu, there are more and more dazzling and different coffee drinks. It almost feels boring to ‘just’ order a cappuccino, let alone a black coffee. Then comes the insecurity: What is a flat white? Why have a ristretto instead of an espresso?

We are here to help you navigate the wonderful world of coffee variety that we live in today.

The Types of Espresso

For those who like their coffee strong and straightforward, have a look at the following types. It’s all a matter of proportions: The amount of water vs amount of coffee itself.


Coming from the Italian word for “restrained, tight”, a Ristretto is a very short espresso. For the same amount of coffee (7g in general), a Ristretto coffee will only put 25ml of water into the cup, half that of a normal espresso. In fact, it is especially appreciated for its body and its aromatic richness. L’OR Espresso offers two Ristrettos: one caffeinated and one decaffeinated.


Also known by the name, tight coffee, it is appreciated for its generous smoothness and is made via high-pressure percolation (in Italian, espresso means “extracted by pressure”). Espressos are available in many blends, each one offering a specific intensity. L’OR Espresso preserves the essence of each blend in an aluminum capsule specifically packaged to release all of the espresso aromas in the cup. L’OR Espresso preserves the freshness and flavor of each blend by storing the coffee in an aluminum capsule.


Also known as a long coffee, it is made with twice as much water running through the same amount of coffee as for an espresso. L’OR Espresso Lungos are specifically designed to produce a large cup (110ml) of a long and intense espresso with a perfect consistency.

A-Z List of Espresso Experiences


A – Americano

Americanos are one of the most popular breakfast drinks. The Americano is made with espresso and a bit of water; therefore, the coffee is a bit less strong. During World War II, American soldiers would add water to their coffee to dilute the espresso, but still maintain a high level of caffeine.

B – Breve

The Breve is an Americanized classic of the Café Latte. The Breve is made with steamed half-and-half, therefore it is creamier than the classic Café Latte. Half-and-half is a blend of half whole milk and half light cream. So, if you love a little cream in your morning coffee, then have a Breve.


C – Cappuccino

One of the most popular, milky coffee drinks there is: the Cappuccino. Originated in Italy, the Cappuccino has an espresso at its base and is topped with hot milk and a dense layer of microfoam. Some argue that a Cappuccino is only a Cappuccino when topped off with a sprinkle of cacao.

D – Doppio

A double espresso, also known as a Doppio. The drink is highly concentrated and has a stronger taste than the espresso. Fun fact: Did you know that Doppio is the Italian word for double?

E – ‘Eye’ Espressos

You might have heard of a Red Eye, but what about a Black Eye or a Dead Eye? First, let’s start with a Red Eye, which is a cup of drip coffee with a single shot of espresso. Next up is a Black Eye which includes two shots of espresso and a cup of drip coffee. Finally, there’s the Dead Eye, which has three shots of espresso and a cup of drip coffee. High caffeine intake takes on a whole new meaning with these beverages.

Flat White

F – Flat White

Originated in Australia, the Flat White needs a little more explanation, as there appear to be several views on how a Flat White should be made. You will find that different countries and cafés have varied takes on serving the Flat White. One way to serve it is a shot of espresso with steamed milk and no foam at all. Another more common, but also more advanced way to serve the flat white, is by swirling a milk and microfoam mixture into a shot of espresso, aiming not to let the foam separate from the milk. This way, the drink looks quite like a latte, but has one really important difference: the taste.

The Flat White should have a strong coffee flavor and a sense of velvety mouth feel due to the microfoam. This is a great alternative if you feel like having a Cappuccino but want to try something else for a change.

G – Galão

A Galão is a hot drink from Portugal made by adding foamed milk to an espresso. Like a Cafè Latte, it consists of about one quarter espresso and three quarters foamed milk. It is served in a tall glass and typically served at breakfast, but this drink is so good it can be enjoyed all day long.

H – Honey Cortado

The Cortado takes the Macchiato one step further by balancing the amount of milk and espresso. The milk in a Cortado is steamed, but not frothy and "texturized" as in many Italian coffee drinks. The Cortado owes its name to the Spanish word 'cortar', which means cutting. Spain is therefore the motherland of this small, but strong coffee. Add a drizzle of honey for a fun twist on the drink.

I – Iced Coffee

An Iced Coffee is a coffee beverage served cold. It can be prepared in one of two ways: 1) By brewing hot coffee normally, and then chilling before serving or serving over ice; or 2) By brewing the coffee cold. Also known as Cold Brew, this brewing process involves a long steeping process, usually between 12-24 hours. Cold Brew is typically characterized as having a smooth and low acidity flavor.

Irish Coffee

J – Jameson® Irish Coffee

Created in Ireland in the 1940s, Irish Coffee has become a traditional coffee drink in many households around St. Patrick’s Day. Irish Coffee consists of Irish whiskey, coffee, and sugar, which is then stirred and topped with cream. For a full Irish experience, we recommend Jameson® Irish Whiskey to craft your cup of gold.

K – Kahlúa® Affogato

An Affogato is a coffee-based dessert, where a scoop of gelato or ice cream is “drowned” in a shot of espresso. This classic Italian treat is rich, sweet, and perfect for a hot summer day. For an adult spin on the Affogato, we recommend a dash of Kahlúa® to enhance those coffee flavor notes.

L – Latte

Latte, or Café Latte, is considered the introductory coffee drink for new coffee drinkers. The Café Latte is a lot sweeter due to the steamed milk on top of the espresso. When espresso became more widely known, it was too intense for most people. Therefore, people began adding steamed milk to sweeten their coffee.


M – Macchiato

A Macchiato is an espresso with a dollop of steamed milk and foam on top of it. The milk slightly calms the harshness of the espresso and therefore makes a perfect drink for those who enjoy an espresso, but with a little less kick.

N – Café Noisette

Noisette, the French word for Hazelnut, refers to the color and not the flavor in this beverage. Café Noisette is an espresso with a dash of hot milk. The hot milk is either poured by the barista before serving or served in a small carafe beside the espresso for the coffee drinker to add as much or little as they’d like. 

O – Orange Mocha

The famous Mocha is a mix between Cappuccino and hot chocolate. In our opinion, the best of both worlds. The chocolate powder in combination with the Cappuccino gives it a rich, creamy flavor. For a taste experience like no other, sprinkle some orange zest on top of your Mocha.

Piccolo Latte

 P – Piccolo Latte

A Piccolo Latte is the same as a Café Latte but made in an espresso cup or smaller tumbler glass. Therefore, it has a strong but mellowed taste due to the steamed milk and microfoam added to the coffee. A perfect Piccolo Latte is made with Ristretto instead of espresso coffee. The origin myth says that the Piccolo Latte was invented in Sydney by baristas and roasters to check how their brews tasted with milk to prevent dairy bloat during the day.

Q – Quintessential Café Au Lait

The Café Au Lait is a beloved go-to for many coffee drinkers. Created in France, this beverage is made with a shot of espresso or a cup of strong coffee, and then topped with steamed milk. Picture yourself lounging at a Parisian café listening to the sounds of the city as you sip on your Café Au Lait at home.

R – RAF Coffee

If you’re looking for a drink that’s robust and sweet, then a RAF Coffee might be just for you. To make this beverage, mix and heat espresso, cream, and vanilla sugar using a steam wand. The final consistency should be thick, creamy, and reminiscent of melting ice cream. Enjoy!

S – Sweet Café Cubano

Transport yourself to the lush and vibrant island of Cuba. A Café Cubano is a shot of espresso with a thick layer of sweet crema floating on top. Espresso is added to the sugar and then briskly whisked to create perfectly sweetened crema.

Tonic & Espresso

T – Tonic & Espresso

An Espresso Tonic is a surprising and delicious drink combination. The bitterness of both the espresso and tonic gives the beverage a refreshing boost. Garnish with a slice of lemon zest, and/or rosemary, and you’ve got the perfect summer drink in hand that can be enjoyed any time of day. It is typically served with either one big ice cube or a  couple of smaller ice cubes.

U – Ultimate Espresso Freddo

This rich cold beverage comes from the islands of Greece. Espresso Freddo is made with either one or two shots of espresso and sugar, if desired. Once brewed, the espresso is added to a cocktail mixer with ice and shaken until foam appears, then strained over fresh ice. For the ultimate Espresso Freddo experience, we recommend a dash of cinnamon, a common spice used in Greece.

V – Vienna Coffee

The Vienna coffee has its origin in Austria, more specifically Vienna. It is served in traditional Viennese coffee houses with whipped cream on top of an espresso. Legend has it that soldiers added some sugar and milk to strange looking coffee beans and the famous Vienna coffee tradition was born.

W – White Chocolate Marocchino

Not to be confused with a type of cherry, the Marocchino consists of a shot of espresso, a dusting of cocoa powder, and a dollop of milk froth on top. In some regions of Italy, hot cocoa is added in lieu of cocoa powder. For a different take on the drink, we recommend crafting your Marocchino with white chocolate shavings instead of the traditional cocoa powder.


X – Extra Indulgent Bicerin

This Italian coffee drink is another great choice for chocolate lovers. The Bicerin begins with a layer of hot chocolate, followed by a shot of espresso, and then topped with whipped cream. This drink is best served warm, and for an extra indulgent experience, drizzle chocolate sauce on the whipped cream.

Y – Yogurt Vietnamese Coffee

Although typically made with ground coffee, most Vietnamese coffee recipes call for a strong, robust coffee which can easily be achieved with L’OR Espresso Ristretto. Vietnamese coffee traditionally consists of sweetened condensed milk and topped with coffee. This classic drink can be served hot or cold. For a unique spin on the beverage, mix plain yogurt into the sweetened condensed milk, to make Sua Chua Café. 

Z – Zesty Espresso Romano

Lemon and espresso, the delicious pair you’d never see coming. The Espresso Romano is made with a shot of espresso with a slice of lemon and sugar to taste. It can be served either hot or cold, and with or without milk. It’s sure to start your day on a zesty note.



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